As pop icon Britney Spears' legal battle against her conservatorship, and her family, continues to be watched by the world, she's garnered the support of fans, fellow celebs and more. Even Colorado Governor Jared Polis has shared his thoughts on the #FreeBritney movement, as reported by The Denver Post

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'I don’t personally know Britney Spears, but I completely sympathize with her,' Polis wrote on his Facebook page on Monday. 'The bar for removing someone’s control over their own money and life should be very, very, very high.'

Polis said that he understands that there are circumstances that may require someone to manage the affairs of another individual, explaining that he has a cousin who falls into that category. He also said that there are other situations where someone may be 'an immediate danger to themself or others.' But those instances aside, 'people should be fully free to live their own lives.' You can read his full post, below.

As of Monday, July 26, Spears had officially filed the request to have her father removed as her conservator of 13 years, Popcrush reported. Jamie Spears has been asked to voluntarily step down by Spears' lawyer. During the singer's emotional testimony in June, she explained the abuse she has undergone over the course of her career. She adamantly stated that she would like to press charges against her family.

Spears' very public court case has sparked conversations about mental health, abuse and double standards. Even commenters on Polis' post mentioned that other Hollywood stars, who are male and have struggled with their stability and finances, were not placed under conservatorships. You can follow #freebritney updates here.

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