First up, do you know what Godfather’s Pizza and Peyton Manning have in common? Omaha. Godfather’s started in Omaha in 1973 and currently has around 575 locations across America. However, they haven’t been in Colorado for over 20 years. They're back! I went down to the newly opened location in Thornton to check it out!

When I was a kid we’d go over to Godfather’s Pizza at the Orchards Shopping Center in Loveland at least once a month. That place was great!  Big, fat pizzas and pitchers of pop? Oh yeah…  We didn’t have a clue about the movie ‘The Godfather’, but we did recognize their spokesman on T.V., with his fedora and pin- striped suit. We even had a glass pitcher from Godfather’s that we used all the time for KOOL-AID and orange juice. That was back in the late 70s when they had over 600 locations. Then, Herman Cain was in charge of the company, and shut a lot of the locations down to help make the company profitable; Loveland’s location was one of them. Uggh.

There IS an ‘express’ version of Godfather's Pizza at the Air Force Academy, but that is WAY too far, for that. It was recently announced that a new full-version location had opened up in Thornton!  OK, it’s not Northern Colorado, but is Colorado; and Thornton isn’t really that far, so I decided to go check the place out! ‘Road trip!’

There were four of us- Me, my brother, my nephew and my buddy Cory.  We got to the location on 120th, a few miles east of the interstate, at around 4:00. It was cool to see that old logo again after all these years, that’s for sure! The place was BUSY. Seems a LOT of people have been missing Godfather’s.  The day that we were there, they had been open for just a few days; news spreads fast!

We got in, waited in line, and then made our order. We got Value Meal #3 that feeds 4-5 and comes with two sides. We ordered a sausage pizza with garlic bread and cheese sticks. The place was so busy, that there wasn’t room for the four us to sit down, so grabbed our sodas (in those classic red plastic glasses) and headed outside- it was a beautiful day, so that was OK.  Our sides came out right away. The garlic bread was OK; the cheese sticks weren’t fried, like we had thought when we ordered them, but they were good just the same.  The pizza arrived shortly thereafter, and it was good, too. Honestly, no complaints.

The question: Was it worth driving to Thornton for?  The answer: It depends. If you want to reminisce about ‘days-gone-by’, then absolutely it’s worth it. Especially if you are headed to Denver anyway, like we were, to see a Rockies game. Bring the kids and talk about how you and your buddies would hang out at Godfather’s and play Joust and Asteroids for hours. This location didn’t have any video games, FYI. If you are wanting a ‘blow your mind’ pizza experience, then I’d say it’s not worth your gas.  Northern Colorado has a LOT of fantastic pizza joints now (Beau Jo’s and Krazy Karl’s come immediately to mind), where you can find plenty of great pies!

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