The Pioneer League, which is the league the new NoCo Owlz will be a part of starting in 2022 will be changing the rules of extra inning baseball with the addition of a home run derby to decide the winners of games starting this year.

According to the Pioneer League, there will be a few new rules added starting in 2021 including a designated pinch hitter and pinch runner plus the addition of a home run derby to decide the fate of extra inning games.

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To avoid strain on pitching staffs, the league has decided to go the home run derby route which will be a first of its kind anywhere in baseball that features a knock out rule that involves a head to head, sudden death home run dual.

Each team designates a hitter who receives 5 pitches, with the game determined by the most home runs hit. If still tied after the first “Knock Out” round, another hitter is selected for a sudden death home run face off until a winner is declared.

While I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to baseball and don't want to like this...I must say that this DOES sound intriguing and am ready to see just how this looks and plays out.

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