Four Berthoud teenagers helped to rescue a father and his son from the frigid waters of Lonetree Reservoir, after strong winds overturned both of their kayaks on Monday afternoon. When a large gust caused 11-year-old Daniel Lucas to tip out of his kayak, his dad, Jeremy, attempted to paddle over and help pull the boy out, but in doing so, his kayak capsized too. Jeremy's wife and their other 13-year-old son were watching from the shore as the incident unfolded, and when realizing that their family members were in trouble, ran to the nearest dock where the four teens from Berthoud were backing a fishing boat into the water. With help of all four, the boys were quickly able to get the boat into the reservoir. Levi Decker and Tristen Workman, both 17-years-old, were able to pull the stranded, tired, and freezing kayakers into their fishing craft and got them safely to Lonetree's shore. A Loveland Fire Rescue Authority dive and rescue team did arrive on scene, but after Decker and Workman were already on their way to the father and son. Upon being rescued from the reservoir, paramedics took Daniel and Jeremy to the hospital where both were reported to have experienced mild hypothermia. Jeremy's kayak was later recovered by LFRA's rescue team, but Daniel's has yet to be found.

The four teenage boys who came to the rescue are all students at Berthoud High School and said they wouldn't have even been at the lake if it wasn't for having the day off from school due to Presidents Day. It definitely was a case of being in the right place at the right time for these boys that were able to help out in this scary situation and good to hear that Daniel and Jeremy are now doing okay.

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