Spring has sprung, and we have the Colorado weather to prove it. We'll see a chance of snow, and some sunny 60-degree days to finish off this week in Northern Colorado.

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According to the National Weather Service, the Fort Collins area could see a little bit of rain and snow on Thursday and Friday. Friday is expected to start off with snow in the morning, turning to rain later in the day. Don't worry too much about having to shovel again if you're still sore from Winter Storm Xylia. The National Weather Service says while there is a 60 percent chance of some kind of precipitation on Friday, little accimulation is expected.

On Saturday, things will clear up, and the forecast predicts high temps in the 50s, and eventually the 60s by Sunday, both mostly sunny.

However, what goes up, must come down — at least in this case. The National Weather Service shows a slight chance of snow again in the forecast early next week. So, I guess the bottom line here is to get out and enjoy Saturday and Sunday as much as you can.

You can see the Fort Collins area's full forecast here.

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