These jams aren't just for your toast anymore. What's better than music inspired by your favorite breakfast food that you got from a diner off the side of I-25, in what may be one of the more questionable parts of Fort Collins? Not a lot. 

Waffle House's best kept secret has nothing to do with the breakfast food, but its record label.

Admittedly, I got this story from NPR, because despite being a commercial radio personality, I, too, love the soothing sound of NPR voices and a good news piece. So, when I saw yesterday's story about Waffle Houses's Waffle Records, a label devoted to songs like 'They're Cooking Up My Order' and 'There Are Raisins in My Toast,' I had to go find out if I could hear these hash brown-inspired hits in our local Waffle House.

I ordered a coffee and asked our server, Shannon, if the waffle songs were real. She assured me: they are real. THEY ARE REAL. For a small price, you can dine to your choice of tunes from the Waffle House jukebox, which includes choices like Walk the Moon, Blake Shelton and the Waffle House playlist.

And, if you want to dance, that's what Carl is there for. Oh, Carl. We chose the smooth ' boy band R&B' song 'Waffle House for You and Me,' which you can hear on the NPR story, along with a variety of other songs (and one music video).

To see the full story from NPR, click here.