Fort Collins City Council members have approved a three percent increase for electricity and two percent increase for water rates throughout the city.

With more people at home for one reason or another during  the COVID outbreak, I expect more water and electricity are being used.

Hopefully this pandemic will simmer down shortly into 2021, but we'll see how we fare following all of the impending holiday travel, because by 2021 rates are increasing.

The rate hikes will mean an average monthly increase of $2.36 for electricity and $0.96 for water.

However, according to the Coloradoan, several council members have suggested a hold on water shutoffs, as Larimer County creeps closer and closer to a stay-at-home order.

But for now, shutoffs will resume after November 13.

The electricity rate increase will help prepare for future capital improvements, while the water rate hike is a result of this year's record-breaking wildfire season, which cost Fort Collins millions, as reported by the Coloradoan.

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