In a press release, the City of Fort Collins outlined the process for restaurants and retail locations to expand their service areas outside, allowing businesses to open up for in-person transactions.

We'll know more on Memorial Day, but it looks like the State of Colorado will be opening restaurants for dine-in service before June. This will be great for all those businesses that have been all but stagnant since the middle of March.

According to the press release, restaurants, bars, breweries, retail, and other similar establishments may apply to the City of Fort Collins to open outdoor seating or retail areas on the sidewalk or in public parking spaces, all in accordance with state guidelines regarding social distancing, of course, to help them serve more customers.

Once a business is approved, the City will provide barricades for them to use, but the business will have to provide whatever seating they've been approved for. The press release also states that bigger businesses with their own parking lots can apply to use those lots for dining (or retail).

This program will run through the summer, concluding at the end of September.

Get more information about the outdoor expansion opportunity from the City of Fort Collins HERE.

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