Have you ever played 'eye spy'? Particularly during a fast-approaching holiday?

I spy with my little eye... a green egg. Yeah, over there, in my neighbor's window. That's the general idea of this year's Fort Collins egg hunt.

Here's how to play, according to the Coloradoan:

  • With materials you have at home, craft a large colorful egg
  • Display it in a window or from some other safe distance
  • Post a picture of your egg to social media tagging @FCRecreator and #NoCoArtsStrong
  • Then go egg hunting either by car or on a social distancing walk

Even if you can't have the experience of a battle-royal egg hunt in a field full of other families this season, at least you can still take the time to stretch your legs and play a kind of IRL 'Where's Waldo?' And hey, if you happen to have a bag of chocolate at home, I'd say that's fair game as well.

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