Parents are struggling to find activities for kids during this pandemic summer. Needless to say, long days at the pool are severely missed, and unfortunately, won't be an option in Fort Collins.

The City of Fort Collins has announced that city pools will "remain closed for summer with splash pads opening at select locations."

That means the City Park Pool, Mulberry Pool, and the Senior Center Pool will remain closed during these hot summer months. However, the Mulberry Pool and Senior Center Pool will be under consideration for an August opening.

These closures are in place in spite of the State of Colorado's ruling that allows pools to open with restrictions.

But while the pools are closed, kids can still cool down at Fort Collins splash pads.

Kids are already splashing at Old Town Square and soon, Spring Canyon Park and Fossil Creek Park will open their splash pads, too. We can look forward to that the week of July 6.

There will be a limited number of users permitted and distancing guidelines posted on nearby signs at each of these splash locations. Kids love to read signs, right?

It's a hard time to be a parent. Especially in summer when the sprinkler just doesn't do the trick. Luckily, we'll at least be able to take the kids out for a splash after the holiday weekend.

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