We're back with another local restaurant review, as we find some of the best eateries throughout the city of Fort Collins. Today takes us to DC Oakes on Harmony!

DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery is one of the "new kids" on the block in the city of Fort Collins, after they opened at the new Harmony Commons earlier in 2017. When they first opened, my first thought was, "here we go...another brewery trying to compete with many of the great ones in town".

Well they definitely try to compete at DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery, and they definitely have every right to stand in the corner and yell out loud how good they are!

My family and I went there on a Wednesday night, and quickly found a table for the six of us to enjoy dinner. First off, if you have kids, this is the perfect spot for you. Their kids meals will only cost you $5! That includes everything your kids need for their meal...the drink, the entree, ice cream for dessert (which was very reasonably sized), and they also get their own Goldfish appetizer.

You know what it's like when you have kids. They will continue to tell you how hungry they are until something is put in front of them. DC Oakes has pulled out the stops to make sure your kids are taken care of, and you can enjoy your dinner as well.

For the start of our meal, we ended up getting the "curds and tots", which is cheese curds and tater tots smothered in buffalo sauce with bacon and cojita cheese. All I can say about these is YUM! They had just enough heat, but everyone in my family enjoyed them. Plus there was plenty in one dish so no one can say they get less than someone else.

Well...unless you grab handfuls like I did. They're addicting!

Their full dinner menu has something that everyone will enjoy. Want a burger for dinner? They have plenty of options and the burger was cooked exactly the way I like it. Plus I got the burger for tempura fried avocado and sauteed mushrooms, which was the perfect combination for my Wednesday night dinner.

Want chicken tenders? I will tell you that my kids got these and they were cooked to perfection. The chicken was moist and the outside had just enough crisp and flavor to make you want to go back for more.

And the beer? Believe me, I could write a whole other blog on how good their brews were. I highly recommend the Coconut Almond Porter. With a 5.5% ABV, it had just the right amount of kick with a great aroma of coconut.


There you go! That's our review of DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery in Fort Collins! If you're looking for a place to grab dinner tonight, make sure they are one of your options. You won't walk away disappointed.

I give them five brews out of five for a stellar review. Great job DC Oakes!


DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery

3581 Harmony Road, Fort Collins

Open Weekdays @ 11AM; Weekends @ 9AM.

Last call is at 11:30PM each day


Credit: Google
Credit: Google


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