Ah... Summer. I can remember the days when a couple of us kids on the block decided we wanted to make a couple of dollars to have some fun in the summer, so we made a lemonade stand.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Being in a neighborhood that was mostly adults that worked nine to five jobs, starting up a lemonade stand on a Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm proved to be less than profitable. We had our stand for a few days before we realized that the occasional car passing by was more than likely not going to stop and pick up a fifty-cent cup of overly sugared lemonade.

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Weekends were where it was at when it came to a lemonade stand. More people were home and more people were driving through the neighborhood. One day work weeks for a kid to hang out with his friends? Those were the days.

This summer, Fort Collins Community Officers need to quench their thirst during the hot Northern Colorado days. If your child is having a lemonade stand this summer, the Community Officers want to stop by when they can. If you would like to see a Fort Collins Community Officer stop by your child's lemonade stand, you can fill out a form with all of the lemonade stand information and they will stop by whenever possible.

If you would like to fill out the form, you can find it HERE.

Source: City of Fort Collins 

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