It's similar to borrowing a cup of sugar, but more in the line of 'can you shut down your operations for a while?'

On July 9, 2021, New Country 99.1 and RETRO 102.5 will need to turn off our transmitters in Pierce for about 90 minutes, to help television station, KDVR.

New Country 99.1 and RETRO 102.5's transmitters share one tower in Pierce that we use to broadcast out to the population of Northern Colorado. KDVR has a tower very close to ours which recently had one of its several 'Guy' wires break.

Guy wires have been around for hundreds of years, they are tensioned rope, cord, or wire that hold things in place; like on a boat to hold the mast in place, or for a broadcaster to keep its tower from falling.

To assess their situation, KDVR has cleared things with the FAA to get a drone up in the air to inspect their tower. With that, the drone operator has asked us to 'turn off' our tower so that RF frequencies emitting from our tower won't interfere with the drone's operations. Engineers for KDVR/Fox31/Channel 2 are flying in to perform the drone operations which will help them determine how bad their situation is.

The drone flight, with our stations being off the air, is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. on July 9, 2021, for no more than one hour.

By helping KDVR to 'shore up' their tower, it also helps us, by us knowing that their tower won't come crashing down onto ours.

During that time, our programming will continue uninterrupted on the New Country 99.1 and RETRO 102.5 apps.

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We're hoping to parlay the favor into a table at a Hell's Kitchen restaurant. Just kidding.

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