While in the line of duty, police officers come face-to-face with all sorts of different scenarios, and whether they're helping the community, keeping the peace, or solving crimes, no day is ever the same as the next. 

Last week, a Fort Collins Police officer even helped bring another life into this world after assisting a local woman who was forced to give birth in her car.

According to the FCPD Facebook page, Officer Lang was on a routine patrol when he noticed a call pending for his area. After further looking into the call, the officer learned that a pregnant woman was in active labor inside her vehicle.

Fortunately, Officer Lang arrived to the female's car just in time to help her deliver a healthy baby girl. After the emergency birth, Officer Lang kept things calm on-scene until paramedics arrived to step in.

Shortly after, several of the female's family members also arrived at the scene and officers let the big brother pick out a stuffed animal for himself, as well as his new baby sister.

Another member of the FCPD, Officer Stratton, then accompanied the mother and her family to the hospital and even helped arranged for childcare, so that the mom and dad could enjoy some time with their newly-born daughter.

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