2020 has been a rough year on businesses around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and some industries in Fort Collins are feeling the burden quite severely.

In the latest City of Fort Collins sales tax report, sales are down 4% as a whole compared to this point in 2019.

With the lack of travel and tourism, the lodging industry has been hit the hardest, with sales dropping in half so far in 2020.

5 Fort Collins Industries Hardest Hit in 2020
(Through October)

  • Lodging -50.1%
  • Clothing & Accessories -29.3%
  • Broadcasting/Telecommunications -21.2%
  • Restaurants, Caterers & Bars -17.1%
  • Sporting, Hobby, Book Music -14.4%

Meanwhile, some industries have seen sales grow in 2020 from the same point of last year.

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Fort Collins Industries Up Despite Pandemic

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