I live right around Harmony Road in Fort Collins, so I know firsthand that traveling on that road can be anything but "harmonious."  Good thing the city realizes that too, and is looking at making some big improvements.

The Coloradoan reports a projected 70 percent job growth and 41 percent residential growth along Harmony within the next 20 years, and the road needs a lot of improvement to accommodate that.

Enter the Harmony Road Enhanced Travel Corridor Alternatives Analysis, a cumbersome name for $53 million in potential improvements including widening parts of the road that are still four lanes, creating buffered bike lanes, continuous sidewalks, enhanced bus service, new bus stations and stops and raised landscaped medians where there are none.

[via The Coloradoan.]

There's more info in the video below.  For me, if it means making a great town better, I say go for it!  What do you think?