It's not often that authorities get called in to enforce a business closure, only to find that the building actually IS closed. That's still true, even under the new Stay-At-Home order, as a Larimer deputy discovered during this incident.

Maniacs Gym, found on Link Lane in Fort Collins, was recently investigated by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE) and the Larimer County Sheriff's Office (LCSO.)

According to the Reporter-Herald, the LCDHE had gotten complaints that Maniacs was still in operation, which would put that them in violation of the public health order that's in effect. LCSO sent a deputy over to check the building out.

He did, indeed, hear the sounds of weights being used inside the gym, which ceased after he knocked on the door. A little later, he had a conversation with several men who had parked away from the gym, but were walking towards it.

The men told them that the gym's owner had been letting them in, and had asked them to park away from the gym. With that, according to the Reporter-Herald, the county's attorneys office filed for an emergency injunction against the gym, which was signed by Judge Juan G. Villaseñor.

Get more on the Maniacs injunction from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

Have you seen any businesses 'dodging' the new statewide 'Stay-at-Home' order?

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