It seems as though everyday when I pass the gas station on my way to work the price for gas goes up a little bit more. But after looking over the Lundberg Survey on gas prices that was released Sunday, gas prices in our area are actually relatively low. Prices are projected to continue to rise until about mid-April where Fort Collins will probably see prices around $3.25/gallon. Although its not $4.24 like San Diego residents pay, it can still get costly. What do you do to save gas? 

The Lundberg Survey said the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.69. Denver had the lowest average price of a gallon of gas of all cities surveyed at $3.07. Around Fort Collins on Monday, stations sold gas for between $3.01 and $3.05 with a couple stations reporting prices less than $3. AAA showed the average price of gas in Fort Collins at $3.091 on Monday, up about 18 cents from last month but still below prices a year ago.

San Diego residents are paying $4.24 per gallon, the highest average price in the country, but they along with the rest of the country may see a major drop in gas prices late this summer as the election nears. For now though, gas can take a toll on the checkbook. Do you do anything to save gas?

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