Recently I had the privilege of pouring a Coyote Gold Margarita for a newbie. She had never heard of this Fort Collins-born margarita in a bottle. She described it as "unicorn dust in my mouth". Huh! Okay.

There is a lot of history to this pourable margarita. I remember being at an event at the Lincoln Center around 2008 and Coyote Gold was new and was being sampled. I loved it immediately. I was talking to one of the co-founder's spouses and it was shared that the original blend was made in a bathtub for parties. The guests loved it so much they were begging for it to be bottled.

According to the Coyote Gold website, this seems pretty accurate without mention of the bathtub part. It says "for years the pair purchased ingredients at retail on behalf of loyal fans and personally handcrafted their margarita upon request.  They “bottled” their cocktail in re-purposed tequila bottles, juice bottles, and even milk jugs."

Coyote Gold is poured right out of the bottle, over ice in your cup. Co-Creators Mo and Randy vowed not to use cheap ingredients like the other pre-made margarita companies were using. Coyote Gold is "free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, and gluten." Mo and Randy have engineering backgrounds and they obviously engineered the most tasty margarita.

Good news, Coyote Gold is now available in cans. This makes for a much more portable margarita which we already know works well after the success of Odell OBC Wine Project in cans and all our favorite craft beers.

Coyote gold is still manufactured in Fort Collins.

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