No one's going to see your costume under all those layers. Another round of snow will come through Northern Colorado, and it may actually still be around through Wednesday and Thursday (Halloween), as temps will barely get above freezing. 

According to 9NEWS (KUSA), the next round of snow will arrive on Tuesday morning.

'Once the snow wraps up late Monday morning, our snow forecasts show moderate snow from Denver into the Front Range mountains and foothills; Northern Colorado:  3-6 inches,' 9NEWS reports.

The Weather Channel says that the high on Wednesday will be 23 degrees, followed by a low of four. On Thursday, it will be sunny, but the high is 35 degrees. Halloween night, the high is expected to be around 20 degrees, which means there could be slick conditions from melted snow re-freezing.

According to AccuWeather, the average Halloween in Fort Collins has a high of 58 and low of 32.

Maybe you can find a way to incorporate you coat, hat and gloves into your costume...

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