The Brewers Association, the folks that bring you (among other things) The Great American Beer Festival, have announced the top 50 craft brewers (beer sales by volume) in the U.S. for 2017.

Is your favorite among them? Are you surprised that one almost didn't make the list?

Colorado enjoys craft beer!
Dave Jensen, TSM

Here's a little Colorado road-trip you might enjoy- hitting up the five craft breweries that made the Brewers Association's Top 50 Craft Brewing Companies for 2017! These breweries sold the most beer by volume for the year, beating out a LOT of other brewers not just in Colorado, but across the nation!

I don't think there are a TON of surprises here, unless maybe you count how Avery Brewing almost didn't land within the top 50!

Colorado's Ranking Among the Top 50 for 2017:

#1 for the U.S. was D.G. Yuengling, & Son, out of Pennsylvania.

*New Belgium Odell and Oskar Blues all also made the Top 50 OVERALL for 2017

Get the full list from the Brewers Association HERE!

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