Ask any law enforcement officer, and they will tell you the peak time for weird stories/crimes usually, happens over the summer.

However, in Colorado, the month of February played host to some great, feel-good stories, and some of the most bizarre. Here's a collection of the ten most captivating stories in Colorado this month.


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    1. Judge Permits Women in Fort Collins to go Topless in Public (Not too many people missed this story, check out some of the Facebook comments we received)


    Women in Fort Collins are now legally allowed to go topless in public. Two members of the "Free the Nipple" group had launched a lawsuit against the city of Fort Collins saying the policy on topless women was discriminatory, sexist, and unconstitutional. Now, is the point in the story that you are feeling one of three things. 1) Outrage 2) Indifference 3) You are imagining hundreds of topless women walking down College Ave. Whichever way you felt about it, there were some strong opinions when we posted this story on our Facebook page.


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    2. Colorado Troopers Rescue Cat from I-25 During Rush Hour

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    3. An Elk Has Escaped and on the Loose in Fort Collins

    Yes, you read that headline correctly. An "elk has escaped." I'm sure you're asking "Where can an elk escape, don't they live in the wild?" This particular elk was being sought by the Department of Agriculture who had been keeping around 20 elk to study the effects of brucellosis. So, if you were wandering around Fort Collins looking for an elk with a collar, you were not alone.

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    4. Woman Arrested in Fort Collins After Stealing an Uber

    One of the most intriguing stories, not just of February, but this one may be the most intriguing of 2017 so far. In case you missed it, a 26-year-old woman began to fight with her friends in the back of an Uber. When the Uber driver exited the vehicle to stop the fight, the woman, locked the door and drove the car away. She ended up crashing into a retaining wall and a tree, finally the Larimer County Sheriff's Office and Fort Collins Police Services caught up with her. She resisted arrest, but eventually, she was taken to jail. No surprise the woman was highly intoxicated.

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    5. Three Snowboarders Survive Avalanche Then Fight Off Moose

    Talk about a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Unlike the Uber thief, these three snowboarders just found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Three snowboarders were boarding in the backcountry when an avalanche struck. Two of the snowboarders were partially buried and the other injured after being pinned to a tree. Once they were freed from the avalanche, they walked to Maroon Creek Road. One snowboarder went for help, and the other two stayed back. It was at that point a moose charged at them. Yes, a moose. Survive an avalanche. Check. Survive a moose charge. Check. Just another Wednesday in Colorado.


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