They say you find love when you aren’t looking for it. Those serial daters who go out night after night, looking for the love of their life on or OK Cupid, getting set up on blind dates by their coworkers (or worse, their mothers) are trying too hard and wasting a lot of time. If they lightened up a little, lived their life as they usually do, love just might come to them.

I think I might have fallen into that category when it comes to restaurants in Fort Collins. I’m continually on the search for the next restaurant that I will fall in love with – review after review, meal after meal – I keep my high hopes and end up finding a lot of mediocre food along the way.  This time, life presented me with an opportunity where I could kill two birds with one stone – a meeting and a review all in one. I wasn’t thinking much about the place, other than readers have told me I had to go because it was very good. I wasn’t expecting to be enamored. I wasn’t looking for a restaurant crush. But, this is where I found the next restaurant I’ve fallen head over heels in love with.

The Bangkok Kitchen is the newest Thai restaurant to join the other five Thai-specific restaurants in Fort Collins, opening February of 2011in the space where Caribbean Food Shack used to be. Somewhat hidden in Campus West on Elizabeth next to Freakshow Tattoo, Pita Pit, and Tiger Lily – The Bangkok Kitchen is a very small hole-in-the-wall, except it’s not dingy or worn, but bright and comfortable with sunny yellow walls and beautiful solid dark wood seating (and a few picnic tables out front). For a new, small space with about six tables, they’ve done a fantastic job of making it feel like a place you want to stay and hang around for a while...

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