This little dog wasn't backing down from nobody or nothing in his territory and that includes...a mountain lion that was on its back porch. Sure, there was a pane of glass that was between them but I'm pretty positive that mountain lion could've easily busted through that glass if it wanted to and turned things ugly both for the dog and the homeowner...thankfully, that did not happen.

According to KDVR, this 13 year old shih-poo spotted an intruder in the form of a mountain lion and went to investigate. That's when things got interesting as the mountain lion was also curious to see what this potential "snack" was up to and all about.

It cracks me up seeing the dog start wagging its tail like he's just so happy to have made a new friend and in what seems to be a sweet gesture, the big cat looks to be raising its paw to have a little playtime with its new friend...either that or it's thinking " can I get in there and get me a quick snack"?

Either way...the whole scene is all sorts of adorbs (albeit a little anxiety ridden at times) because you just never know how a wild animal is going to react but in this case, it was simply a cute and playful encounter between a playful little dog who wants to make a new friend and a curious kitty trying to figure it all out.



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