Over $31 million was given out to 11 of the airports in Colorado to improve safety and infrastructure. 

I just feel that Northern Colorado got ripped off. Over $30 million to almost a dozen airports across the state and the FAA felt that the Northern Colorado Regional Airport didn't need any of it.

You may recall that Allegiant Air pulled out of coming back to town, after finding that [our] airport wouldn't be getting an air traffic control tower soon enough.

Me? I would think that with an ever-growing region, such as Northern Colorado, we would qualify to get a tower. A tower is infrastructure, is it not?

Not to say that the Montrose airport doesn't need nearly $1 million to help build a new terminal building, but Boulder Municipal Airport is getting a whopping $5 million to fund runway, taxiway and runway lighting repairs. Repairs.

I wasn't even aware of an airport in Boulder.

Where's the NoCo love, FAA?

Get more on where the FAA's grant money is going HERE.

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