It feels like Lucy pulling the football out from Charlie Brown. Just when we were all set to fly to Las Vegas and Phoenix again, they've announced that they're not coming.

In mid-August, Allegiant announced that they were coming back to the Northern Colorado Regional Airport with flights out of Loveland, reading 'Fort Collins' on the tickets.

Today (October 21, 2019) they've announced that they've scrapped that plan like an outmoded bi-plane.

The reason, according to a press release from Allegiant, states that it's because the airport had assured the airline that there would be a FAA-certified, fully-staffed air control tower by November 21 (the dates of the first flights out of Loveland) but now it seems there won't be a tower. At least, by November 21.

Loveland's control tower, currently, is a 'virtual control tower,' where cameras gather information that's projected against a wall in room within the airport. Many small airports are taking this approach these days.

It's hard to imagine that Allegiant wasn't aware of this when the agreement went down in August, but the press release states that an actual control tower was planned, but won't be happening by November 21, so... they're out.

They are giving refunds to anyone who already booked a flight.

Source: Press Release

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