Great Colorado kitchens are full of nifty gadgets; Items to make cooking easier, cleaning easier, storing food easier.

There must be hundreds of gadgets for the kitchen; what is the one Colorado loves the most? What are the top 12 that all of America loves? Do you agree?

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What Was the 'First' Kitchen Gadget?

According to, one of the greatest kitchen gadgets dates back over 2,000 years: The cast iron skillet. it's sill a necessity when it comes to having a great Colorado kitchen.

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'The Brady Bunch' Still Stands as Having One of the Best Kitchens on TV

Having been an architect, Mike Brady was clearly making a decent amount of money to have such a nice home for his family, including that great kitchen.

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For the 1970's that Brady kitchen had a lot of nifty gadgets:

  • Paper Towel holder.
  • Refrigerator with in-door water/ice.
  • Indoor barbecue.
  • Mixer.
  • Blender.
  • Coffee Maker.
  • Spice rack.
  • Toaster.
  • Electric can opener.
  • Breadmaker.
  • Two sinks.
  • Two built-in ovens.

It's no wonder that Alice stayed around so long, for the Brady's.

It's true, however, that the more kitchen gadgets that they come up with, the more counterspace we seem to lose.

Do you forfeit space for convenience, or do you suffer without convenience for an open counter?

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The gang at Mr. Appliance, an appliance repair company, recently did research into what kitchen gadgets Americans are searching for the most.

Of the top 12, nearly all of the gadgets are about preparing/cooking/making. Only one is about storage. Three of them are about coffee; we do love our coffee.

But, of the Top 12 most-searched/liked kitchen gadgets across America, Colorado's most sough-after gadget isn't on that list.

The Top 12 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets in America - And Then Colorado's Favorite

Great Colorado kitchens are full of nifty gadgets. Items to make cooking easier, cleaning easier, storing food easier. What exactly is Colorado's most-favorite gadget?

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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