Of the many cities that are in the 4th Congressional District of Colorado, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert has chosen Windsor for her new home.

Coincidentally, Ken Buck, whose seat Boebert and others are trying to win, also lives in Windsor.

What is it about Windsor that has drawn the Representative to town?

Lauren Boebert
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It was in late 2023 that Boebert announced that she'd be stepping down as Representative for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District and joining the race for the 4th.

Do Representatives in Colorado Have to Live in the District They Represent?

Federal states that you do not have to have to live in the district that you were elected to, according to the Durango Herald.

Federal law doesn’t require congressional candidates to live in their districts. They just have to live in the state in which they’re seeking office.


When Did Lauren Boebert Move to Windsor, Colorado?

It's unclear as to exactly when, but, according to the Denver Gazette, during the January "Straw Poll" event in Fort Lupton, she brought up that she had recently moved to Windsor.

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Where in Windsor, Colorado, Might Lauren Boebert's New Home Be?

Almost 40,000 people make Windsor their home, from moderately priced apartments to expensive estates. Here are four ideas as to where Lauren Boebert might now be living,

  • Pelican Lakes Country Club/Water Valley
Ptarmigan Country Club
Google Maps

The Water Valley area of Windsor has high-end homes, with plenty of space and activities for the children in her life. Pelican Lakes is a semi-private course: perfect for hosting dignitaries or potential campaign donors.

  • Ptarmigan Country Club
Ptarmigan in Windsor
Google Maps

Ptarmigan would make a lot of sense, for it is close to Highway 392 and the interstate. This way, she'd have [privacy] and the convenience for when she needs to leave for Denver or the airport.

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  • Highland Meadows 
Highland Meadows in Windsor
Google Maps
  • New Windsor
Nice Home

A neighborhood on the northern side of Windsor is known as "New Windsor," where you'll find some very nice homes. You could see Boebert moving here; with proper security, she could live a quiet life, while in town.

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