If you don't know of Halley's Comics, you'd know it as the little bright-green painted storefront on Walnut Street. If you still don't know it, it's the place that has giant Alvin and the Chipmunks figures in its windows (and if you walk by at night, it can admittedly feel a little eerie). 

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Halley's Comics has been an Old Town Fort Collins business since the late 1980s, and has certainly seen its surroundings change; previously sandwiched between a Goodwill store and an Armadillo restaurant, now Illegal Pete's and the high-end Elizabeth Hotel.

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Local comics fans will only have a few more days to stock up and say their goodbyes. After 33 years downtown, the Coloradoan has reported the comics and collectibles store will be closed permanently by this Saturday, July 31. In fact, that entire row of businesses, which includes a lock and key shop, have been purchased. You can read more about why they're closing, and what's next for the buildings from the Coloradoan's Erin Udell here.

Other recent major changes to Downtown Fort Collins businesses include:

  • Addition of The Exchange, which used to be an EZ Pawn
  • Closure of Old Chicago, now Brothers Bar & Grill
  • Closure of the beloved Drunken Monkey, now the Bar District
  • The Elizabeth Hotel, standing where the Armadillo Mexican restaurant used to be
  • Washington's FoCo music venue, where Washington's Sports Bar stood for nearly 40 years
  • Closure of Bisetti's Italian restaurant, which has been divided into multiple small businesses
  • Closure of Hodi's Half Note, previously the Starlight (no more live music, but you can see comedy there)

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