More often than not, I find drones to be pretty annoying when they show up overhead at an event or a park where you're just hoping to relax with the family, maybe tossing a frisbee around. Then out of nowhere, you hear the unmistakable sound of a giant, electronic mosquito buzzing overhead.

You look up and yep, someone is shooting video of whatever you're doing on the ground. Annoying.

But the other day in Andover, Kansas, someone managed to get a drone in the air and shoot some just unbelievable footage from above of a tornado as it tore through buildings and trees in the small town just east of Wichita. While normally it's pretty easy for me to be annoyed by drones, in this case, the footage is pretty remarkable.

While the damage to the town was extensive, fortunately there were very few injuries. Several thousand were left without power and officials estimate that close to 1,000 buildings were destroyed by the EF3 tornado.

On another video captured by an Andover resident, you can hear the terrifying "freight train" sound of the tornado at times, in addition to the sirens going off. The guy shooting the video even managed to see and capture the drone in the air, shooting the video above.

Some strong language in the video below is NSFW. Viewer discretion is advised.

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