One of the nation's first drive-up coronavirus testing centers opened in Colorado on Wednesday.

However, the tests are only available to those with a doctor's order confirming they meet current testing criteria, according to Denver Post.

Where: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment State Lab, 8100 E. Lowry Blvd., Denver

When: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m Wednesday - Friday

How to get tested:

  • written or electronic doctor's order emailed or faxed to you (avoid going to the doctor's office)
  • drive through secured area and remain in vehicle (if multiple people are in one vehicle each person must have their own doctor's order)
  • must have photo ID

What to expect:

  • prepare for long wait times with no bathrooms available
  • the test is free, per Governor Polis, and you do not need proof of insurance
  • the state health department will post next week’s schedule on its website when it’s available
  • within 72 hours, individuals will be contacted directly with their test results

Governor Polis told CNN that drive-up testing, along with additional labs to process tests, would greatly increase the states ability to find patients sooner rather than later, according to Denver Post.

America's first drive-up test facility opened in Seattle this week with the ability to process 40-50 tests per day.

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