Knock me over with a feather. Growing up in Loveland, and being a big fan of bowling, you'd think I'd know that 4th Street used to be home to Loveland Bowling; I did not. It took me being a fan of Loveland craft beer to gain the knowledge- Strike!

Folks might remember Ram Lanes on SW 14th Street; that place was pretty popular in its day. Rams Lanes isn't around anymore. Sweetheart Lanes (which has been around since 1961) and The Summit  (which is technically in Windsor) are the only games in town, now.

Does anybody remember Loveland Bowling?

Bowling ball and pins

'Holy, Cow!' I said when I saw the photo. Right there on 4th street was a BOWLING ALLEY! The picture I saw was in a tweet by Crow Hop Brewing. They're pretty excited about moving their taproom onto 4th Street from their current location off of 3rd Street and found an old photo featuring where their new spot will be located.

Their tweeted photo shows 4th Street during the 1950's. It's a shot of a parade- maybe it was the Corn Roast Parade (it looks like summer).  Their new taproom will be in between Door 222 and The Coffee Tree. In the photo that they found, the location where they are moving to has signs: Loveland Bowling. Shut the front door!

I wonder how many lanes they had- it looks like MAYBE two. When did it open? When did it close down? Did anyone ever bowl a 300 there? So many questions!

I can't show you the picture due to copyright laws. But I can show you where Crow Hop will be moving to:

Crow Hop
Google Maps


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