Pourhouse, located on 4th Street in Loveland, has implemented a novel idea when it comes to dealing with the novel coronavirus and limited seating inside.

Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

You've probably seen how restaurants across the nation are adapting to dine-in restrictions regarding COVID-19 and having customers sitting outside as temperatures begin to drop. Pourhouse in Loveland has enlisted ice-fishing tents.

I called up the owner of Pourhouse, Chris, and he told me about the tents.

They have nine of them; six that seat 5-6 people that are out on all days of operation, and three smaller ones that seat only two people that come out only on Friday and Saturday nights.

He purchased the Field & Stream ice-fishing tents online through Dick's Sporting Goods; $250 each for the large ones and about $125 for the smaller ones.

They're heated with electric space heaters, the power cords for which come down from a generator on the roof of the restaurant. The larger tents are very well insulated, as well.

Customers think they're fun; especially the small ones- they're private.

Chris also commented that they've made back their investment in the tents.

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