In mid-September of 2005, the first ‘Northern Colorado Bixpo’ event was held at The Ranch. The event included keynote speakers Rudolph Giuliani and current Presidential hopeful, ‘The Donald.’

Scott Olson, Getty Images

Bixpo is a business expo, put on by BizWest Media and others. It originated in 2005, and their inaugural event was a doozy.  Attendees could see keynote addresses by former New York City Mayor Rudolf Giuliani and super-rich businessman, Donald Trump!

Hard to believe that ten years have flown by, but Donald hasn’t changed much.  Except for not calling himself ‘The Donald’ anymore; and of course, he now hopes to become the President.

The Reporter-Herald’s archive says that ‘The Donald’ spoke about:

..his television show, his hair, how much his ex-wife Marla cost him and the benefits of a prenuptial agreement, the “ugly as a dog” disloyal former female employee and other “unlucky losers.”

Funny, it does kind of sound like the Donald Trump of today, doesn’t it?

Maybe, if he doesn’t get elected, he’ll return to talk about the campaign. I’m guessing that many tickets would be sold to that event!