If you are anything like my fiance, you love pasta. If you love pasta you may already know that for the past five years Olive Garden has sold their Never Ending Pasta Pass.

For $100 you get unlimited pasta, bread sticks and salad for nine months. This year they are raising the stakes in a big way.

Coming up this Thursday, if you are one of the first 50 people to purchase one of the 24,000 available Never Ending Pasta Passes, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade for an additional $400.

What does the extra $400 get you? Well, you will enjoy Olive Gardens unlimited pasta, bread sticks and salad for LIFE!

That's right, you will get a Never Ending Pasta Pass that "expires upon death."

If you live for the next 60 years and use the Pasta Pass once a day, your meal will cost you $.02 a day.

However if you want to get in on the deal you'll have to act fast.  They passes go on sale this Thursday at noon at www.pastapass.com.

They always sell out in a matter of seconds.

Olive Garden has locations in Fort Collins and Greeley.

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