The company that owns the movie theater in Aurora where ten people were shot dead in 2012 has made a decision that has struck a chord with many victims' families.According to Denver 7, Cinemark has moved forward with a lawsuit against several of the victims for $700,000 after they sued the theater chain earlier this year.

Lawyers for the company call it a "bill of costs", and the case was filed in Arapahoe County District Court. State law says that the winning party in a civil case is allowed to recover any litigation costs.

Cinemark is doing just that.

This lawsuit comes after the company won their suit filed by victims and their families, after they said the Cinemark could've prevented the tragedy. They stated that security lapses enabled the attack to happen.

While the theater chain says they are allowed the money under law, judges must still approve the final totals that the company will receive.


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