Lots of folks have the tradition of seeing a movie on Christmas Day. This Christmas Day, you can see one of the All-Time Christmas movies! 

There are SO many great things about Die Hard- the ORIGINAL 'Die Hard'. It made Bruce Willis a mega-star. It was the VERY first movie that Alan Rickman was ever in - and he NAILED it. It has so many catch-phrases- I still use 'Welcome to the party, Pal!'

On Christmas Day, get out and see it all over again up on the big screen! It'll be playing at The Lyric in Fort Collins  You could pretend you're seeing it in a theater inside the Nakatomi Tower!

The movie fits right into The Lyric's 'Cult Film Tuesdays' series!

Maybe Santa will leave $7 in your stocking as a stuffer. That's how much tickets are for the show. Not bad-- you don't have to pull off a heist to enjoy it! Get tickets HERE!

I'd love to show up and see a bunch of women with Bonnie Bedelia's hairstyle from the movie. Or guys with Hans' beard! But please... DO wear socks!

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