DIA travelers who need to have a smoke before or after a flight will now have to go all the way outside to do so, as the last of the smoking lounges that DIA had has closed.

There are fewer and fewer people smoking ever year; but do you feel that smokers are getting a raw deal?

Michael Smith, Getty Images

It's the end of another era, as there will be absolutely no smoking within Denver International Airport. The last of their smoking lounges, The Smoking Bear Lodge shut down this week after its lease expired. It did not come unexpectedly, this has been the plan for years: Getting DIA to be smoke-free and healthy.

I've flown in and out of DIA many times since they opened, and the fact that Smoking Bear Lodge (and the others that used to be there) were hosting smokers, never bothered me a bit. Sure, it may have bothered me that my brother would stop in for a smoke, but hey- He's going to smoke out on the curb- might as well let him stay where it's warm.  Now, the curb is all he'll get; tor now. You never know- they may push the distance you have to be away from the doors way out to Pena Boulevard. 

But, it is better overall for the airport. It gives them/us a better image. Denver: Healthy. Plus, it will erase any confusion for people traveling to Colorado for the marijuana- there is NO smoking at ALL at the airport- no joints, no cigars, no cigarettes.

The folks in charge of amenities in the airport will be turning the spot that the lounge occupied, into new dining.

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