It's about this time every year I suffer from what looks to be a mild issue, but these little cracks near my fingernails HURT! To the point that whichever finger has this issue, it's pretty much inoperable until it heals. The worst part is when I innaverdantly bump it against something. You don't realize how often the tips of your finger bump into something until you have one of these buggers at the end of your finger.

Yes, I do moisturize my hands every night. Having grown up in the South and the humidity, I've never had to make the habit of moisturizing my hands. I do it at least twice a day just to avoid these cracks. No matter how often I do it this time of year, it doesn't matter. I don't know if it's more dry at this time of the year or the cumulative winter months of dryness adding up to now being the prime time for this problem. Dude, they hurt.

I am looking for any and all remedies to minimize the damage. I have given up trying to keep it from happening at all. No matter what I do, they appear.

I will try what they're serving up in this video.....

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