A popular food truck in the Denver area has opened up a 'brick and mortar' shop on Broadway. If there was one place that you might find Kenny Loggins, this is the joint.

What better way to attract customers, aside from having great food? A great name, and this one hits it out of the park. And what name have these Denver artisans chosen?

Danger Zone Calzones.

I know that when I saw their name, I shouted, 'YES! That's awesome!'

A shameless take-off of 'Top Gun,' the restaurant's Facebook page's 'About' section states:

In 2018 Denver established an elite trailer for the top one percent of its chefs. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of calzone baking and to insure that the handful of calzones created were the best in the world.
They succeeded. Welcome...to the
If you love fighter jets and are ready to graduate from cheap pizza, you belong here.
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I love catchy marketing, I love Top Gun and I love Italian food. It looks like I have a new 'must do' for my 'Denver Trips' list: Danger Zone Calzones.
I contacted Danger Zone Calzones and they informed me that they'll be changing their name:
So we actually have to change the name because DP Dough trademarked "Danger Zone" as a calzone in 1993. So we asked the TOPGUN instructors we know what we should rename to, and they responded...FULL AFTERBURNER CALZONES!
Danger Zone - Archer
Faceboo/Danger Zone Calzone

Luckily, I'm also a fan of 'Archer,' whose titular character loves to tease his flame, Lana, with the hit song from the soundtrack:

I can only hope that they have a jukebox in that joint.

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