In a press conference with Denver Mayor Hancock on Monday afternoon, the Executive Director of Public Health and Environment shared that COVID-19 cases appear to be 'leveling off.'

Executive Director of Public Health and Environment Bob McDonald spoke during the press conference with some positive news regarding COVID-19 cases. While he speaks specifically to Denver, he emphasizes the benefits the community is seeing because of the Stay-at-Home Order that the state will be under until at least April 26 (Denver, April 30).

'To be this far into it, this many weeks into battling this virus, for it to be leveling off like it is, I am very excited and very hopeful about that,' McDonald said.

McDonald also shared that we haven't yet even seen the 'full benefit.' He goes on to explain that Denver is 18 days into the Stay-at-Home Order (Northern Colorado just slightly behind), and the incubation of COVID-19 is up to 14 days. Soon, we will see the full benefit of quarantining and limiting our interactions outside the home.

He added that hospitals are not a capacity, and ventilator use is also not at capacity, as Hancock said in the conference.

McDonald said he is optimistically looking in to how to ease off the orders, and get the city back to normal while managing cases. You can see his portion of the press conference starting at 18 minutes below, via Michael B. Hancock's official Facebook page.

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