When we want to save some money on something that is completely cosmetic, it can be tempting to let just about anyone work on our vehicles.

And when they have a name that we may recognize, it would be even more tempting.

But, as our friends at TheDenverChannel.com are letting us know, it's not the Dent Doctor of Denver that fraudulently took $1,200 from one person and about $300 from another.

They were handing out cards with fake numbers, they start the job, and claim they will come back to finish it up.

As with any other scam, to avoid being taken, do a little bit of homework and make sure that the business that they claim to run actually exists. You can check the Internet for any kind of presence. If they don't have a website, or aren't even listed on any phone sites, or other business finders, or don't have any Facebook pages, it could be time to start doubting.

As you can see by the website of the Dent Doctors of Denver, they are well represented online. Of course, anyone could create a fake website, but they probably wouldn't. I don't know about you, but I can tell by looking at that site that they look pretty real.

Further, reading reviews of the businesses you may do business with can be a good idea. Not only can you have an impression of what kind of business they do, but these scammers wouldn't have any reviews, another clue to the fact that their whole business was a hoax.