The body of a deceased man was found this morning around 6 a.m. on the top of a mail delivery truck in Grand Junction. 

The driver of the truck was traveling from Kansas to Glenwood Springs last night and reportedly heard a loud noise from his trailer in Wheat Ridge, just west of Denver. The noise occurred as the truck was driving under an overpass.

Once the driver got to Glenwood Springs, the truck's trailer where the body was found was transferred to another truck and driven to Grand Junction.

The body was then discovered this morning by an employee of the United States Postal Service, who notified the police of the discovery. The body made it all the way to the Post Office Annex at 602 Burkey street in Grand Junction.

This story begs so many questions. Did the man commit suicide by jumping off of an overpass and just happened to land on a mail delivery truck? How did the body manage to stay on the truck for the approximate four hours it takes to get from Wheat Ridge to Grand Junction? Did no other drivers on I-70 last night see the body on the top of the truck? And how did the trailer get transferred to another truck without anyone noticing that there was a dead body on top of it?

This is certainly a tragic story for many parties - the deceased man, his family, friends, and loved ones, the driver of the truck, and the USPS employee that found the body. The Wheat Ridge police are currently investigating the case.

[Western Slope Now]

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