The death of a 20-year-old nurse from a bungee jump at Get Air at the Silo in Grand Junction, Colorado remains a mystery as investigators said the device used was functioning properly.

On January 4th, Ciara Romero fell from a 80-foot bungee jump at the Get Air at the Silo but did not survive the jump.

According to the Grand Sentinel, witnesses told the Grand Junction Police investigators that they saw a carabiner detach from Romero as she fell off an 80-foot platform.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment tested the device after the incident and determined that it was functioning normally. There was also video evidence to support that the employee at the top of the platform did attach the carabiner to Romero's harness and even pulled up on it to confirm that it was attached.

A detective's report states that her hands were near her torso during the fall where the carabiner was attached on her harness. The report also states, "(The detective) could not tell on the video if Ciara accidently opens the carabiner prior to the jump or not."

The investigation into Romero's death is ongoing.


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