CSU keeps stepping up in the COVID-19 fight again and again.

According to The Source, the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is the perfect resource for coronavirus testing, since they respond to animal disease outbreaks frequently. Responding to COVID-19 is no different, and the vet lab has offered their talent and resources for this pandemic.

Colorado State University has provided the lab with state-of-the-art equipment to allow it to test large numbers of samples at a time, which will achieve results quicker. In fact, according to The Source:

In their Biosafety Level 3 facility, a special laboratory for testing highly infectious bacteria and viruses, high-throughput testing equipment can test 96 samples at a time, multiple times a day.

The lab is currently working with heath authorities to find a way to accept samples for testing, however, it's worth noting that the lab is not a coronavirus testing site.

To learn more about the Vet Lab and the amazing work they're doing for CSU, click here. 

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