Staying home does not mean you can't have a little fun. The gang at Barstool Colorado State created a video capturing a night of fun in Old Town, all while in one house.

The Twitter account Barstool Colorado State states that they are not affiliated with Colorado State University, but it's clear that the people involved in the video KNOW about partying in Old Town.

They have a quick drink 'at home,' then start out at Illegal Pete's. Then, they head over to Social for a little sophistication, then over to Lucky Joe's to start getting rowdy.

Next, the group hit up Bondi Beach Bar and Grill; then, for their last stop, they flashed their I.D.s to get down into the Rec Room.

In the end, as all good nights out should do, the group headed 'back home' to satisfy their late-night munchies with, of course, some Cosmo's Pizza.

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