With the rising costs of college tuition, plus everything that goes along with the experience, students end up spending thousands and thousands of dollars during the process of earning their degrees.

To help cover some of the costs, many college kids rely on student loans...but others out there have a different game plan. Rather than using loans to pay for school, there's a group of people known as Sugar Babies, who form mutually beneficial relationships or arrangements with someone, on their own terms – and for many, this deal includes getting their college paid for. For people supporting these Sugar Babies, money is not an issue, therefore they tend to be very generous, paying not only for tuition, but books and housing too.

Administration Building on the CSU Oval
Jenny Harding, For TSM

According to recent stats published by SeekingArrangement.com, Colorado State University is one of the fastest growing sugar baby schools of 2019. The website tracked the universities and colleges where the most students registered from last year, and came up with a top 20 list. The top three schools seeing the most Sugar Baby activity are Georgia State University, University of Central Florida, and the University of Alabama. CSU ranked at #20. You can see the full list here.

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