As sports fans, we love our home stadium and we all have a common name for it. While the Broncos shuffled through Invesco and Sports Authority, we all knew it as "Mile High Stadium".

Colorado State opened up their new stadium last year to much fanfare and excitement. It's a beautiful venue on campus and the proud home of the Rams. A lot of folks referred to it as "the new stadium", but it didn't have an official name....until now.

Welcome to Canvas Stadium! The new partnership is with Public Service Credit Union who bought the naming rights for $37.7 million for 15 years. The announcement would have been made sooner but PSCU was working on rebranding to Canvas Credit Union.

This deal does not include the field as it will remain "Sonny Lubick Field".

To celebrate the new name and fresh start with its new stadium sponsorship, there will be a public event on June 15th at 1:30pm.

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