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Earlier this week, Greeley fell victim to online threats made by creepy clowns. Although a 15-year-old high school student has been charged with starting the original rumors that involved shootings and a clown purge, it seems that a similar type of hoax is now spreading to Fort Collins. 

On Wednesday evening, posts began circulating online and direct texts were also sent out, threatening a shooting at Poudre High School. These threats were coming from fake Facebook profiles that featured images of creepy clowns – one by the name of Timmy Tim. At this time, Fort Collins Police Services and Poudre School District do not believe the shooting threat is credible, but are not taking this situation lightly. Due to safety concerns and fear, Poudre High School chose to heighten security within the building on Thursday. Still, many parents opted to keep their kids home from school amid the violent threats. Below is what Poudre School District and Fort Collins Police have posted about the scenario:

Law enforcement and school officials are not clowning around when it comes to punishing those responsible for starting hoaxes such as this. Both criminal charges, as well as school discipline, are a likely result for whoever gets caught. An investigation is currently underway to determine who started the claims targeting this Fort Collins high school, and although police are still unsure, they believe it could possibly be coming from elsewhere in the country.

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