Here comes a new season of baseball for the Colorado Rockies, and with the new season, you'll find a couple of new items to munch on!

Who's ready for a game of ball at Coors Field?  When you do head down to see a game, you'll have to find these new items I heard about from The Denver Post. I wouldn't say that I, myself, will be looking for them, but maybe you will. See, I'm not a big 'spicy food' fan. These two things sound pretty spicy to me.

Item One: Shishito Peppers with Thai chili vinaigrette and green chili/chorizo queso.

Item Two: 'Elote' Topped Tots - Tater tots topped with elote (like corn on the cob) and zesty mayo, cojita cheese, cilantro, cayenne pepper, and green chili queso.

Yes, both definitely scream 'Pass' to me. But, maybe I'm wrong.

Will you be trying out the new items?

Find out more on the items and Aramark, the Coors Field vendor, from The Denver Post HERE. Go, Rox!

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